Battling Boy, review
By Paul Pope
Info: First Second

About: A coming of age story where a Thor-like teen is thrust into the role of hero. Neither experienced, or mentally prepared, Battling Boy must prove his worth to the people of his home world, through saving a foreign world under the siege of ruthless monsters. This story is about taking responsibility for situations which we do not control, but find ourselves in anyway. Much like personal crisis each of us experience, the monsters cause a dilemma, and serve as an opportunity to meet the challenge and grow through persevering.

What worked: Paul Pope offers a graphic novel which is unique, both in presentation and content. Atypical camera angles are used, exciting anatomy gives a fresh look to the characters, and heavy inks complimented with beautifully metallic colours complete the package. The writing tells the story of a teen, but offers such an elaborate perspective of personal growth, it could help inform the most experienced adult.

What didn’t: I bought this expecting a complete story, it is definitely a volume one of what will continue to be a fantastic journey. I would have liked to see more finality to the end of this, I feel like I am left hanging.

If you like the Never Ending Story, be sure to check out this comic!